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SodaPup eMat Whale

by SodaPup
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SodaPup is a leader in enrichment products for dogs. Nutritional enrichment for dogs has many benefits and puts your dog's natural foraging instincts to use. We have developed a range of enrichment tools to satisfy different needs. SodaPup Emats are soft and flexible licking mats that will help keep your dog calm and engaged. 

  • Enrichment- Licking soothes and calms your dog. Spread your pet’s favorite soft treat across the surface of the emat, ensuring the treat is pushed down into the surface of the mat. 
  • Benefits- Calms your dog through licking. Entertains your pet. Helps avoid overfeeding. Promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums. Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health.
  • Treat Suggestions- Peanut butter, canned pet food, cream cheese, yogurt (plain), crushed freeze-dried treats moistened with water. Freeze your creation to make it more challenging and longer lasting!
  • Suction cups make this a perfect tool for a bath time distraction!