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SodaPup eCoin Air

by SodaPup
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SodaPup is a leader in enrichment products for dogs. Nutritional enrichment for dogs has many benefits and puts your dog's natural foraging instincts to use. We have developed a range of enrichment tools to satisfy different needs. SodaPup eCoins are durable nylon licking devices and are a good solution for dogs that are prone to chewing up their lickmats.

  • Enrichment- Designed for enrichment snacks and built to withstand those excitable dogs that sometimes chew up their lick mats.  This toy helps keep your dog entertained and solves problem chewing behaviors.  Smear soft foods into the surface and let your dog lick away!
  • Benefits- Promotes slower eating and improves digestions. Also helps keep your dog entertained, reduce separation anxiety, reduce boredom and unwanted behaviors associated with boredom.
  • Treat Suggestions- Peanut butter, canned pet food, cream cheese, yogurt (plain), crushed freeze-dried treats moistened with water. Freeze your creation to make it more challenging and longer lasting!