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Dr. Marty ProPower Plus

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The key to a healthy dog is a healthy gut. The problem is, canines often have too much bad bacteria in their system, which can lead to bad breath, messy poops, itchy skin, and even anxious moods. ProPower Plus is designed with probiotics to help combat bad bacteria and supports your dog’s gut health to target these issues at the source.

  • Promote solid, healthy poops… which is great for your dog and YOU, the one who has to pick them up!
  • Diminish body odor… for less doggie smells and more cuddles.
  • Help soothe skin irritation… for your dog’s comfort and healthy coat.
  • Support healthy teeth… which is critical for your dog’s wellbeing.
  • Support nutrient absorption for a healthy lifespan… after all, a healthy gut can help your dog absorb the nutrients from their food.
  • Promotes happy, calm moods… which can mean less nervous and destructive behavior.