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Dr. Marty Nature's Blend Healthy Growth Dog Food

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$14.49 - $86.99
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Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend – Healthy Growth is a premium freeze-dried raw food made specifically for growing puppies. It combines premium meat, vegetables, fruit, and key superfoods to support your dog’s strong muscles, sharp mind, healthy heart, active energy, easy digestion, and healthy immune system… with ZERO artificial preservatives, or fillers.

  • Made specifically for growing puppies… with nutrient-rich goat milk and calcium sourced from seaweed for your pup’s strong muscles and sharp mind.
  • 79% of the formula is REAL premium cuts of meat… because a high-protein diet can support your dog’s active energy, vital organs, and healthy lifespan.
  • FREE from artificial preservatives and synthetic vitamins and mineral powders… We naturally keep our food fresh — that way, your dog can easily absorb the nutrients from REAL meat, veggies, fruits, and seeds.
  • Minimally processed, not blasted with high heat… We freeze-dry our food so it’s full of nutrients, bursting with savory flavor, and has a fresh, irresistible texture.