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Dr. Marty Free & Active

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80% of dogs over age 8 struggle with age-related joint concerns, which can make it uncomfortable for them to exercise, run and play. Free & Active can help target joint discomfort from multiple angles and support healthy mobility, so your dog can do all their favorite activities with you — even as they age.

  • Soothe everyday aches and occasional joint stiffness so your pup can jump, prance, or simply curl up by your side with more ease.
  • Support healthy hip and leg mobility to promote easier movement even in their senior years
  • Support a healthy weight because when they can easily exercise with less discomfort, it’s easier for your dog to maintain a healthy build
  • Promote youthful vitality because when there’s less joint discomfort slowing them down, they’ll go from feeling “down in the dumps” to “jumping for joy”.